Welcome visitors! Wipe off your virtual feet and come on in. Here you’ll find out something about me (you can skip this, I’ll never know, and head for some other more interesting page on this site). Who cares about the writer's life? Well, I do. You don't have to. But it would be nice if you picked up one of my books, or downloaded one.

About me: born and raised (very carefully) in England, I studied over there a bit then migrated to the United States and studied a bit more here, which allowed me, miraculously, to qualify for a job at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, New Jersey. The folks there let me teach writing, humanities and literature, including science fiction, for half a lifetime or so until I retired in December 2015, soon to be joined in post-working life leisure activities by the fabled Dr. Chanida (aka Toom or “The Missus”). In progenitor mode, I’ll also mention that two splendid daughters, their proud mates, a brace of magnificent granddaughters, and a mite of a grandson enhance planetary locations near and far.

That's more than you need to know. Now go and read something interesting, preferably one of my books. Did I say that already?