Deem (Zumaya Otherworlds 2006) Sodom and Gomorrah, all over again. Don’t look back.

Welcome to the 24th. century domed City of Deem, where the free live easy and the poor live outside. Meet Meet Spright Mass, backwoods-to-riches entrepreneur; Reymundo Plata, avant-garde puppeteer; Candy Moonwalker, xenovideologist and nightlife addict; Morgan Parvati, alien-slayer, grandmother, and sage.

And Orlando Mott, a poet and amateur detective who is hunting the cold-hearted terrorist bombers who have killed his mother and a class of schoolgirls on a field trip.

Deem has profited much from a cornucopian energy device – the Gift – left behind by invading aliens. Deemers, like citizens of other domed cities, have become materialistic, lazy and intolerant of dissent from the consumerist norm.

Not everyone is happy in the City of Deem. Bloody terrorist bombings are occuring more frequently. Religious groups, driven underground in the past, are surfacing, as if citizens are craving something the city cannot offer. Street protests against the alien Gift are common. At the same time, signs in the sky suggest the dreaded Walking Frogs, or Watermen, may be about to invade Earth again.

Orlando’s detective work will lead him deep into Deem’s heart, to an unlikely suspect hiding in plain sight. His discovery will put his own life in danger and shake Deem to its very foundations – and worse.

Can Deem survive cultural narcissism, terrorist bombings, a religious revival, and another alien invasion?

Deem is available from Zumaya Otherworlds (use code WDE0709 for a discount) or directly from Amazon.