The Wall

The Wall (2002) A modern Lysistrata. Women rule.

It’s the early 24th, century, and life is good in the village of Garth. Student Morgan Parvati and sculptor Ivor Tread enjoy idyllic lives together in the low-tech, cooperative community which has evolved as the region slowly recovers from the harsh religious rule of the Family of Man and an earlier period of severe industrial pollution.

The good life in Garth is severely disrupted when a spaceship carrying bizarre and unfathomable aliens arrives. They occupy the village, seal it off from the outside world, imprison the men and abduct the children for unknown purposes.

In the strangely altered environment in which they find themselves, Morgan and the other women of Garth must struggle alone to survive the occupation, including the ever-present threat of Gorse, the alien leader who takes a special interest in Morgan and from whom she must protect her new-born baby – by any means necessary.

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