Homes (now available in Amazon Kindle e-format and paperback) What will you be doing when the end is nigh?

Septima Gorse (Bone-17), pet name Daria, is on a mission in space. Daria has been assigned to help solve a terrible genetic problem facing her people. On Daria's planet, humans live loving, well-resourced lives. Many generations ago they abandoned sexual reproduction and created a stable social order based on bioengineered families of seven.

Their way of life is threatened by genetic degeneration, the Drift. Throwbacks are born and hidden away. The Drift is spreading at random and the race seems doomed. A research station once formed to research the problem and find a solution has now cut off all communication with the home planet. Daria's team, a new family customized for the task, must find out what has happened and try to salvage or complete the missing science.

What Daria's team discovers when they arrive at their destination will help them understand the Drift, but it will also teach them about a much deeper problem affecting not only their civilization, but all civilizations: the unravelling of the very fabric of the cosmos.

When the center cannot hold, what will be the fate of humankind?