Watermen (Zumaya Otherworlds 2009) The pastoral life is dandy, but some of us may need a real change.

Tired of corruption and bored with consumerism, Morgan Parvati, her daughter Charity and granddaughter Candy have exiled themselves from the City of Deem. They settle down to a peaceful rural life with friends and family and lovers in the far west valley of New Garth.

Morgan and her tribe take in the adolescent orphan Jennifer Prothero, whose sister was killed in a terrorist bombing in Deem. Jennifer is escaping her life as a Lost Girl in the city – and leaving behind a very dark secret.

Life in New Garth takes a strange turn when a spaceship crashes nearby and the members of the community rescue and befriend two alien survivors of a space-faring expedition to find the dreaded Watermen, the hostile species which has invaded more than one planet, terrorizing children, taking body tissue samples, and abducting a group of men from Earth into space.

Jennifer finds herself developing a strong and unusual friendship with the stranded, genderless aliens.

Then a ship carrying the horrid Watermen lands nearby. The commune members must defend themselves and their way of life or leave the home they have so lovingly created.

And young Jennifer must make a decision which will change the direction of her life for ever.

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